I’ve written short stories, novels, and webcomics of different genres. However, my primary interest and passion are for M/M romance (Yaoi, BL, LGBT). I’ve begun writing since I was a kid, creating stories about anything that sprung to mind and annoying my mother and friends in the process as I just had to tell them to someone! I began writing horror shorts, and then eventually sci-fi and fantasy. Like a good number of budding writers, I turned to fanfiction as mainstream media just wasn’t interested in telling the stories I wanted to see…boys kissing boys. I wanted to see the hero fall in love with his quirky male best friend, or two male rivals give in to their burning passion!

Whenever I play games like Mass Effect, I can’t help but roleplay my Shepard falling for Kaidan and eventually having him in ME3.  Whether it was playing games or writing I had a lot of fun and met so many wonderful readers, creators, and other gamers (Shepard x Kaidan 4 life!). I eventually moved on to writing my own stories and while it has been hard, there isn’t anything else in the world I’d love to do more.



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